Houston rapper Slim Thug isn’t going ghost on fans. The hip-hop veteran has come forward to let people know his state of mind and way of living after announcing he has coronavirus.

Big Facts

Over the past 24 hours, Thugger has shared clips showing fans how he’s dealing with his current predicament. In one clip, he’s chilling outside getting plenty of sunlight and another one has him inhaling steamed orange peels.

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High-Key Details

This week, Slim went all-out to make a big statement to his doubters. Thugger shared cringe footage of himself getting tested for COVID-19.


Wait, There’s More

On Tuesday, Slim Thug went online and announced he tested positive for coronavirus. Despite taking ample precautions, Thugger admitted he still couldn’t avoid catching COVID-19.

“So check this out. No games being played, alright. The other day I tested for coronavirus and it came back positive. As careful as I’ve been quarantined and staying home, I might have went have gotten something to eat or something like that, nothing crazy, stayed in my truck, had masks, gloves, everything on, and my test came back positive. Y’all gotta take this stuff seriously, stay home, self-quarantine. Do not come outside for however long they’re saying. If you have symptoms you need to get checked out or whatever. I’m good, I feel good, I don’t have any problems right now. The other day I had a slight fever and a cough. I feel better now, I don’t have no fever or anything like that. I feel good, but you better take it seriously, for real, it’s coronavirus.”

Before You Go

Coincidentally, Thugger has publicized the precautions he’s taken to avoid getting infected. This week he shared his intent to stay indoors and keep his immediate surroundings sanitized.