G.O.O.D Music’s Big Sean is giving people a reason to kick back and get their read on. The hip-hop star has stepped up to dish out a few titles to check out during the coronavirus crisis.

Big Facts

Sean Don went online this week to drop some serious knowledge on his fans. The hip-hop heavyweight shared an up-close looks at books he’s read and will read.

“I actually have some of the books right here. These are a few of the books I like. I’m going to let y’all know some of the books I am reading right now and I’ve read. I just started reading Becoming Supernatural. This was already fire, though. A lot of people I know swear by this book. No I.D. Jhené [Aiko] just started reading it. The Energy Codes is another one I just started and it’s already fire.”

High-Key Details

This week, rap crooner Tory Lanez lit up his account with a ton of wild Instagram Live moments. The rap singer had everything from women twerking for their boyfriends to elusive singer Bryson Tiller pulling through for a little karaoke.

Wait, There’s More

This week, rap star Lil Yachty took a similar approach on his IG Live. The hip-hop heavyweight put on a cringe and hilarious talent show featuring fans doing the most for money.

Before You Go

On Tuesday, Virginia rapper/producer Skillz announced plans to do a live deejay set tomorrow. He also revealed the Wednesday Instagram Live event would center on late music icons Prince and Michael Jackson.

“Calling all MJ & Prince fans….tomorrow we doing a different kind of live…ALL MJ & ALL PRINCE & everything related ( The Time, Sheila, Janet, The Jackson 5, Jimmy & Terry) you get my drift, meet me on live tomorrow at 6p EST we gone have a different type of party! Annnnd Im taking requests! Tag a MJ or Prince fan & let em know! #stayhome

Listen?!? Yesterday I woke up and thought “D*mn today would be a day where I was deejaying a brunch” so I hopped on live and just played songs I would play at a brunch….sh*t turned into a full fledge day party!!! Lol Shout to everyone who logged on all over the world, people took their phones outside and worked out, we legit started drinking Mimosas!!! 😂😂😂 Thanks for all the love yall & I appreciate the support! SWIPE RIGHT to see a dog dancing to “Excuse Me Miss” no…Im serious 😂😂😂😂 when yall wanna do it again!?! Lemme know”