The son of late rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard has reflected on his late father’s legacy on his 42nd birthday.

Dirt’s son, Boy Jones, shared his most memorable recollection of his dad.

“It’s good to get family together,” he said in an interview. “We wish we could do that more throughout the year … but it’s still beautiful on days like this….[Remembering] him eating clams with hot sauce [is my most treasured memory.] That’s probably the first time I had clams in my life. That’s something that I do on the regular. I just went to [a] sushi bar last night.” (MTV)

Jones also said he would keep his father’s legacy alive through carrying on a music career.

“It’s in my blood, it’s supposed to be like that,” he said. However, he did admit that there is added pressure to being a second-generation hip-hop artist and heir to Dirty’s game-changing style. “Some people be just hating a lot. [Saying] ‘He’s not like Dirty … He’s trying too hard to be like Dirty.’ It’s in my blood … he’s my pops…I can go from … making Soulja Boy music to making Nas music. I’m a real artist, I don’t play. I ain’t gonna front, I don’t like Soulja Boy at all. But the music he’s putting out there, I see little children vibing off of it. ‘Cause you make the children dance, then that’s music.” (MTV)

Last week, Raekwon hit up SOHH and shared his most cherished memories of the late Wu-Tang Clan member.

“I miss us being on the bus, listening to everything that was from the 60’s and the 70’s and being loud, frying blue fish. I remember being at his house one time and one of his homeboys fell asleep in the crib, so what we started to do was put baby powder in the n*gga’s hair, making him look like he was about 95-years-old, put some egg yolk in his hand and the next thing you know, me and Dirty put some black pepper on his eyes. We were just wilding out, having fun. So when he woke up, the pepper went back and he was screaming, “Yo, my eyes are burning! My eyes are burning!” We had to flush his eyes real quick because it started getting serious, but me and Dirty were laughing our a**es off. We just used to have fun.” (SOHH Guest Star)

In honor of his legacy, Rae has released a music video dedicated to ODB.

Although it was mostly filled with equally fiery and icy street anthems, Raekwon’s epic Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…Pt. II also had a distinctly touching moment in “Ason Jones.” It serves as the Chef’s tribute to his deceased Wu-Tang brother, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, who passed six years ago today. To celebrate the life of his fallen comrade, Rae has offered up the track for free download. It’s a fitting piece that feels neither forced nor fake, only heartfelt. And it’s made only that much more moving by the J Dilla beat floating behind the lyrics of Rae and snippets of interviews with the ODB. (Prefix Mag)

Check out “Ason Jones” down below: