Brooklyn rap veteran Fabolous and girlfriend Emily B reportedly have another baby on the way.

According to reports, Fab and Emily will welcome their second child together in the coming months.

Word on the curb is that former “Love & Hip-Hop New York” star Emily Bustamante is entering her second trimester of pregnancy with longtime boo thang, rapper Fabolous! Inside sources tell us the celebrity stylist and mother of two is already showing, hence why we haven’t seen too many full body shots of the glamourous Dominicana as of late… Emily and Fab already have a son together, Johan, who is 6 (he’ll be 7 in February) and Emily also has a 16-year-old daughter Taina. (Bossip)

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Last year, Loso said there were too many risks involved with getting married.

“I don’t think marriage is in the future for me right now. [laughs] I just really don’t. And the thing about marriage is that, I believe in it but don’t believe in it,” Fabolous said in an interview. “I think sometimes people put on that ring and that paper, and it messes up a good thing sometimes because now it’s a different emphasis on your relationship because now you can say I’m married, I got this paper — I like to just build on relationships and make sure you’re in a happy relationship.” (“The Combat Jack Show”)

He also provided an update on his relationship with the reality television star.

“We great, man, I think me and Emily’s situation, through the show got tainted from the public view because it was a one-sided story,” Fab explained. “It’s a drama — I think that’s what they try to paint on the show. It’s entertainment at the end of the day, I did tell her if you want do that show, you got to be mindful to what’s going on. A lot of those girls go onto those shows not knowing exactly what they’re getting into. … Me and Emily are good, we’re in a great place, we’re raising our little boy together.” (“The Combat Jack Show”)

After a publicized break-up, Emily and Fab reportedly hooked back up in 2012.

“We are dating still. You know when I first came on I said, “Oh, he doesn’t claim me.” He’s doing all the claiming in the world now,” Emily revealed. “Before he was like the star and now we go out and people are like “Oh, hey Fab — HEY EMILY!!” (“Love & Hip Hop” Reunion)