Atlanta rapper Offset is doing big things in 2020. The hip-hop superstar has encouraged fans to get out and vote this year after exercising his own right for the first time ever.

Offset x Voting

Last night, the Migos group member went online to share the motivational clip. The footage features Off talking about hitting the polls on Tuesday and what it means for him.

“My First time ever voting because I wasn’t allowed! I over came this obstacle and decided to make a real difference !!!! Everybody please go vote today (LAST DAY)!!!” -Offset’s Instagram

High-Key Details

Throughout Tuesday, fellow Atlanta rap stars like Jeezy, T.I. and other hip-hop stars encouraged Georgia folks to get out and vote in the primary election.

“Vote @wisesmith2020 for Fulton county DA if you tired of getting unfair sentences from Paul Howard in Atlanta. TIME FOR A CHANGE‼️ #WiseUP” -T.I.’s Instagram

T.I. encourages everyones in Atlanta to get voting
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Wait, There’s More

According to reports, some people experienced issues at the polling booths. Reports claimed machine malfunctions slowed down the primary voting process.

Atlanta voters haven’t had the smoothest process at the polls June 9 as they cast ballots for president, Congress, and state legislative seats. Many have reported long wait times, malfunctioning machines or none at all. Tuesday is the primary election for Georgia voters and according to several reports it’s not going as planned, with long lines and voting machine malfunctions. (Patch)

Before You Go

Rap star Cardi B recently spoke on the importance of voting. She credited the process as a key strategy to ultimately end police brutality and lessen law enforcement’s power.

“Motherf*ckers are educated. Motherf*ckers could take the grown and adult way and act peaceful, people are tired of that. Now this is what people have to resort to. And another thing, I also want to say this, another way for people to take power, I don’t want to make everything political but it is what it is. It’s by voting. And when I say voting, I’m not only talking about the president. We can vote for mayors. We can vote for judges and we can also vote for district attorneys. Yes, we can vote for these people for our community. We sure can. The people who are voting for these people are most likely cops, most likely rednecks. That’s why every single time some f*ck sh*t like this happens, it goes to their favor because these people have the power. The judges, DAs, they have the power to prosecute these cops when they do f*ck sh*t.” -Cardi B’s Twitter