Atlanta rapper Offset isn’t letting his daddy go anytime soon. The hip-hop star has shared another moment alongside his pops following their emotional reunion.

Last night, Offset shared a must-like shot next to his dad and sparked positive comments including a salute from his wife Cardi B.

On Friday, Off gave fans a sneak peek at himself embracing his dad for the first time in over 20 years.

Earlier this year, Offset talked about the distanced relationship he had with his dad.

It’s a cold day in late January—Martin Luther King Jr. Day—and Offset is telling me about his parents. They met in the ’80s at a talent show, where his father was dancing (a gift that Offset inherited). When Offset was a toddler, his dad “got into the streets,” he explains, and has been there ever since. This still affects the rapper, despite what you might call his Teflon demeanor.  (ESQUIRE)

This week, Off shared a gushy message about how much he loves his wife.