Atlanta rapper Offset is here to help end racism once and for all. The rap heavyweight went online this week to share a pic of himself promoting equality to the masses at the cost of his fashion drip.

Offset x Equality

The hip-hop heavyweight went online this week with a powerful message. Offset shared a pic of himself rocking a shirt labeled “Stop Being Racist” and reminded the world everyone is created equal by fighting against racism.

“WE ALL THE SAME” -Offset’s Instagram

Offset fights against racism

Machine Gun Kelly

Recently, white rap star Machine Gun Kelly went to Instagram with some must-see protest moments. MGK’s slideshow featured him holding signs aimed at ‘killer’ cops to fight racism.

“all they had to do was the right thing…😞😀 i’m outside until they make the change, f*ck that #ProsecuteKillerCops#blacklivesmatter” -Machine Gun Kelly’s Instagram

MGK fights racism

Wait, There’s More

A few nights ago, Machine Gun Kelly went to Instagram and shared some must-see moments from a protest. The pics featured him surrounded by other peaceful protestors wanting justice for blacks.

“justice soon…❀️✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽” -Machine Gun Kelly’s Instagram

Machine Gun Kelly joins the protests

Before You Go

MGK also went to Instagram to voice his frustrations and unload on racists. He called on white fans and friends to step up against racism and asked any followers of his who support it to leave.

“I could’ve type this out, but I want y’all to see me when I say this. If you look like me, and you have racism in your heart, in your mind and coming out your mouth, f**k you. I’m ashamed of you. If you enjoy my music or you like my movies, I don’t want your business. F**k you. I don’t want nothing that’s a part of an evil agenda and that’s not what our generation’s legacy is going to be. So I’m asking the people, step up and speak out for our fellow people going through hell right now, and encourage good. Let our kids grow up in a world where they’re not scared to leave their f**king house or their car.” -Machine Gun Kelly’s Instagram

MGK unloads on racists