NFL superstar Odell Beckham Jr. is back on his football grind. The OVO Sound affiliate and longtime Drake bestie has returned to social media following some public relations nightmares.

Odelly went to Instagram Thursday (March 22) with his first posts since March 9.

The return is real!!! 📸 @obj

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Last week, Odell’s legal muscle denied rumors about him getting roughed up at an Atlanta nightclub.

“This is 100% not Odell. He was not and is not in Atlanta,” Beckham Jr.’s lawyer told the News. “He has not even been in the state of Georgia recently. The people who falsely posted and reported information will be hearing from his legal team. We intend to take legal action against anyone who perpetuates these false statements and claims.” (New York Daily News)

Initially, media outlets reported on Odell possibly catching hands down South.

Viral videos engulfed the web on Saturday night that purported to show New York Giants superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. involved in a massive brawl at Atlanta’s Gold Room. Almost immediately, stories began to circulate about Beckham’s alleged involvement in the brawl. (USA Today)

Earlier this month, Odell made headlines for possibly appearing in a disturbing video leak which involved alleged drugs and women.

Odell Beckham Jr. might find himself in a world of trouble after an Instagram model secretly recorded him, and although it was just for a few seconds, it caught the New York Giants clearly smoking weed while laying in the bed. In the video, you could hear OBJ trying to proposition the woman next to him to have sex with somebody else. While she’s listening to him, she has a credit card in her hand with cocaine next to her. (Total Pro Sports)