Odd Future fans can get their DVRs primed up once again as the animated hip-hop crew’s popular Loiter Squad Adult Swim television series is set to come back next season.

According to reports, the prank-themed series got a green light for its second season.

Who would have ever guessed that television audiences enjoy watching young men play pranks on people? So weird. Anyway, Adult Swim has announced that the Odd Future live-action prank/sketch show “Loiter Squad” has been renewed for a second season. No premiere date for the second season has been announced yet. (Pitchfork)

In April, Grammy-winning singer T-Pain publicly co-signed “Loiter Squad.”

“@oddfuckingtaco #loitersqaud is the sh*t homie. Congrats on the show my n*gga. Tell @fucktyler I hate frogs.,” he tweeted April 7th.

“@oddfuckingtaco even if that was a sarcastic tweet hahahahaaaa. I am pretty cool tho lol”

“@fucktyler dude I didn’t even think this was really your page. What the fuck is that twitcon dude hahahahaaaa” (T-Pain’s Twitter)

The crew’s weekly 15-minute show has aired every Sunday promptly before midnight.

Surprisingly, a band with a name like Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All isn’t opposed to being a little bit absurd from time to time. The alternative hip-hop group stars on Loiter Squad, a live action series on Cartoon Network’s late night Adult Swim. The 15 minute program features the band members, led by rapper/producer Tyler the Creator, delivering comedy sketches and candid camera pranks in Los Angeles. (Hollywood)

Along with television, the hip-hop crew has kept busy with music-making.

The crew has new music on the horizon as well, with Tyler, the Creator’s “Wolf” expected in May, though a release date has yet to be announced. In a recent New York Times feature, returning member Earl Sweatshirt — back in the fold after time away at a boys’ school in Samoa — told the newspaper he had three potential projects in the works, including a solo album and a collaboration with Tyler. The group’s most recent release was “The OF Tape Vol. 2,” which arrived in March. (Billboard)

Check out the “Loiter Squad” trailer below: