Odd Future’s Frank Ocean has addressed his West Coast group’s heightened buzz over the past few months and said he refuses to get involved in crew leader Tyler, the Creator‘s frequent viral rap beefs this week.

According to the R&B singer, Tyler’s frequency in publicly lashing out is too much for him to handle.

“That’s family. It’s a crew, but it’s not like a boy band where we’re like this cohesive thing that moves and does everything together,” Ocean said when asked about Odd Future. “We’re like a crew of a bunch of different artists who create their own thing and their own wave — I definitely won’t go on the record and say that I latch on to every beef or confrontation or scuffle that Tyler gets into, maybe in the streets, but not in the matrix or the Internet. I can’t keep up with that.” (Hot 97)

In June, Ocean got involved in a public feud with fellow singer Chris Brown after getting compared to R&B newcomer Kevin Cossum.

“i f*cks wit chris brown, reminds me of a young sisqo or ike turner [sic],” Ocean tweeted June 17th.

“i just dont like underhanded comments. thats all im saying.” (Frank Ocean’s Twitter)

In addition to also feuding with Brown, Tyler, the Creator recently responded to Nirvana producer Steve Albini‘s crticism of his group’s behavior.

“Feel Like I Have To Defend Myself. 1 Idk Who The F*ck Steve Albino [sic] Is 2. I Dont ‘N*gger Everything Insight’ 3. I Never Say F*ck U To Drivers,” Tyler tweeted August 10th.

“4. We (odd future) Never Discuss How Much We Are Making A Show In Public, Ever.”

“5. Me Nor Anyone i Know In My Age Group Know Who You Are, Old A**. Surprised You Knew how To Use A Computer. And Whats Good With RAPEMAN?” (Tyler, the Creator’s Twitter)

Earlier the same week, Albini published a blog post discussing his disgust with Odd Future.

“I spent about 40 minutes with these little pricks at the end of May and I haven’t wanted to strangle anybody that much in a real long time. My band shared an airport shuttle with them in Barcelona. They piled onto the shuttle late, n*ggering everything in sight, motherf*cking the driver, boasting into the air unbidden about getting their d*cks sucked and calling everyone in the area a f*ggot. A female passenger tried to engage one of them in conversation, but he just stared at her with a dead-to-me stare while his seatmate flipped double birds in her face.” (NME)

Check out a portion of Frank Ocean’s interview below: