Less than 24 hours after a Brooklyn detention center had its power restored, new reports claim heat has yet to be fully restored and retaliation from guards against inmates by pepper spray has started up.

According to reports, the Metropolitan Detention Center’s problems are far from over.

Despite having power restored Sunday night, the prison’s conditions are still unclear and reportedly worse with retaliation happening against inmates.

Though the lights are now on, there are concerns that conditions inside the facility won’t necessarily improve and there are reports that parts of the prison still do not have heat. Hundreds of protesters have rallied outside the Metropolitan Detention Center over the last week, demanding that power and heat be restored. On Sunday, police guards pepper sprayed protesters attempting to enter the facility, including family members and legal defenders. (Think Progress)

Last night, New York rapper Mysonne announced power had returned to the facility after days of peaceful protesting.

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A few days ago, hip-hop star Cardi B encouraged people to come through and protest heat getting restored.