New York Knicks star Iman Shumpert has revealed a past crush on R&B diva Rihanna but admitted recent disses toward his crew and, notably, J.R. Smith made him have a change of heart.

Shump said RiRi’s past jabs at the Knicks has made him look at her differently.

“Listen, listen, this is justified,” Shumpert said when asked why he turned down a framed photo of RiRi during the interview. “I used to love Rihanna too but she had said her words about the Knicks. I’m on the Knicks and everybody knows I’ma defend the Knicks to the end and J.R. my brother. Listen, J.R.’s my brother and I can’t have that right now. [She got at us] during the play-offs. I mean, that ain’t why we lost the series but it was just some extra stuff that could have been something totally different. I can’t deal with that. I used to love Rihanna. I used to love her, love her, like, that was my G.” (“Charlamagne & Friends”)

Over the spring, Smith said his focus was purely on helping his team survive the NBA playoffs and not RiRi’s disses.

J.R. Smith commented about Rihanna attacks after she lashed out on a Knicks fan who he blamed her for J.R. Smith struggle on the court during the Knicks/Pacers playoff series. The Knicks player told ESPN New York sportswriter Ian Begley, “I’m not worried about Instagram, I’m worried about the playoffs!” (M Starz)

He also hopped onto Instagram around mid-May to throw a subliminal message out.

“#LMFAO I had to do this!!!! #GreatMorningWorld!,” a tweet read followed by a photo of Will Smith in Men In Black and a caption reading: “YOU SAW ME IN THE CLUB WITH WHO??” (Team Swish’s Instagram)

The music diva went off on Smith for unknown reasons days prior.

The Pop Diva, who is known to sit courtside at NBA games, aired out Smith in response to a Knick fan’s accusations that she was to blame for Smith’s god-awful 28% shooting against Indy. Smith had been linked to the Bajan beauty after he was seen partying with her at her tour after party after the Knicks netted their only victory of the series in Game 2. After @peruvian_gawd called out the Unapologetic chanteuse on IG, he posted a screengrab of her incendiary response. “f–k you and your wack ass team!!,” Rihanna wrote. “Nobody don’t want that desert thirsty n—-a!!He fuckin up cus his ass be hungover from clubbing every night during playoffs!! So your issue ain’t with rasshole me.” (RapFix)

Coincidentally, they both were spotted hanging out at a New York club earlier the same month.

Before being suspended for elbowing Celtics guard Jason Terry in Game 3 of the first round, Smith was excellent, shooting 48 percent, including 4-of-9 from 3-point range. Last week, Rihanna and Smith were pictured partying at Greenhouse, a club in Manhattan. The two were rumored to be dating last year. Rihanna appeared to be replying to someone commenting on one of her photos when she outed Smith’s hard-partying exploits. (NY Post)

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