Nearly two decades after the tragic death of Notorious B.I.G., the late music icon’s ex-wife Faith Evans recently discussed his legacy and just how much talent Biggie Smalls contained.

For Faith, she still wonders just how far he could have pushed his music career barring the fatal 1997 Los Angeles shooting.

“It’s wonderful just to know that Big, his legacy is still so strong,” Evans told us. She went on to add that “seeing stuff like the shirts, that’s just an extension of that. People loved him and continue to love his music so you know, I’m just proud to have been a part of his life and to be able to carry on the extension of his legacy. … Well, shoot, he was still one of the best that ever did it,” she said emphatically. “And just imagine had he still been making music. I like to think sometimes, like, ‘Wow, what would he be doing?’ ‘Cause his stuff right now — you hear stuff right now that was made back then, it still sounds great.” (MTV)

Last year, Evans dodged questions in relation to Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac sex tapes.

Singer Faith Evans is in the middle of Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac again … tackling a not-so-far-fetched hypothetical question — which rap legend would make the best sex tape? Choose wisely, Faith. TMZ: “You know Tupac had a sex tape out, they’re saying right now.” Faith Evans: “I heard about that.” TMZ: “I’m just curious. Who do you think would sell more if Biggie had one out?” Faith Evans: “[laughs] No comment!” (TMZ)

The late rapper’s daughter T’yanna Wallace spoke on her father’s legacy last March.

“When I first started listening to it, it wasn’t like that, but the older I get, I swear I fall in love with his music more and more and more and more. I’m like, talent out the butt,” T’yanna said when asked if she was amazed at her father’s lyrical prowess growing up. “[My favorite B.I.G. song so far?] It changes all the time. Right now, currently, still, ‘Machine Gun Funk’ is my favorite song. … That is my all-time favorite.” (Hot 97)

Rap star Jay-Z kept Biggie’s presence alive over the weekend at his Barclays Center inaugural concert series.

“Tonight is a celebration, a celebration of where I’m from,” Hov told the crowd before launching into the hard-hitting “Where I’m From” from his 1997 album, In My Lifetime, Vol. 1. The homage didn’t stop there; next was the Santigold-sampling “Brooklyn We Go Hard” followed by a heartfelt cover of the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Kick in the Door” and then a crowd sing-a-long of Biggie’s first hit “Juicy.” After stripping off his bubble vest revealing a black Nets jersey with the number four on his chest (to commemorate his own December 4 birthday), the God MC tore through tracks like “99 Problems,” “Run This Town” and “Empire State of Mind” one by one. He even threw in a brand-new a cappella freestyle to the crowd’s delight. “Shooters on my team,no really I got shooters on my team,” he spit, making reference to his part ownership of the Nets and the street ties he still claims to carry. (RapFix)