[With a highly-anticipated “The End Of Malice” film set to premiere on REVOLT TV next month, The Clipse’s No Malice tells SOHH why he teamed up with music mogul Diddy’s network for the big launch.]

We presented the project to REVOLT TV. We’ve always had people over at REVOLT all throughout my career. It’s just been about building lasting relationships and one thing I can say is wherever we have been as The Clipse, people remember me.

They remember me for being humble and just for being cool.

That says a lot about getting proper respect because now that I’m on this side of the equation, everybody is willing to delve in and lend a hand and promote what it is that we have going on.

It’s really cool.

It premieres March 27th on REVOLT so y’all make sure y’all tune in and check it out. It’s on at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time.

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