With a brand new Hear Ye Him solo album finally available for purchase, SOHH recently reached out to The Clipse’s No Malice to find out if he would ever sign the dotted line and join his brother Pusha T at G.O.O.D Music.

In No Malice’s perspective, the most important factor in his life is being able to control his own career and admitted there may be no label which can cater to his exact needs.

“No, no, no, that’s not an option for me,” No Malice told SOHH when asked if he would ever consider joining the G.O.O.D Music team. “That’s not something I would consider due to the fact that what I’m doing is different. What I’m doing, and respect to everybody, I have to do it. I have to be able to control the shots for what I do. I don’t even know if there is even any other facility that would know what to do with his kind of music. That’s just how I feel, that’s my take on it. This is something that is very near and dear to me and I really need to be in control of it.” (SOHH)

No Malice also revealed the most important factors in his daily life and what makes up a large portion of his music career these days.

“For me, in my life, number one, God’s first. That’s number one. Then I would say, secondly, is family. Definitely being close to my loved ones and being there for my family,” No Malice added. “Then it’s music. It’s not even so much music for me. It’s just about sharing my experiences. I’ve been to colleges everywhere doing lectures at major colleges and talking to at-risk youth and appearing at churches. I share my story. I think it would be such a disservice to fans and people who have supported my music to have this whole other side and not tell them about it. I don’t think that would be fair. What they get with me is my true to life, life progression. I was over there, now I’m over here, we’ll see where I’m at tomorrow.” (SOHH)

The Virginia-bred rapper previously talked to SOHH about his “June” single.

“As far as the creative process for this song, I was actually in the studio and I was working on some music and one of the engineers gave me this track. I listened to the Frank Sinatra sample on it and really summed up what I had been through. It summed up life, too. When you’re on your high horse and everything is great and you got all the friends in the world, things can take a turn. Try and find those same friends and can’t nobody loan you a dollar. That’s when you see the bad. Virginia’s for hustlers and we always get it back. You can see it in cats like Mike Vick, you know … the ups and downs and we always prevail. That track really spoke to me, and I always approach the music in a way I can relate to and share it with others in a way they can relate to it as well.” (SOHH Singled Out)

In March 2012, he officially changed his rap alias.

Everyone bid farewell to the rapper you once knew as Malice, aka one half of coke-rap duo Clipse. And now, say hello to, um, No Malice. Yeap, that’s the name Gene Thornton is choosing to go by from here on out. And he’s making sure we all know that by releasing this video of him laying his former self to rest. As you’ll see below, Malice is in the casket of a funeral home, where No Malice says his goodbyes and reveals that a new project, Hear Ye Him!, is due out this summer. Interesting.. (Prefix Mag)

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