The Clipse’s No Malice and Pusha T have finally reunited for a new track called “Shame The Devil” slated to appear on the upcoming Hear Ye Him solo album.

The duo’s unexpected collabo halts widespread speculation of No Malice and Pusha having an internal rift.

The Clipse’s absence has been long been documented, and with the release of “Shame The Devil,” all the Pusha/Malice beef rumors can finally be laid to rest. For years they individually assured everyone that there was no issue between the Thornton brothers, but music speaks louder than words and the track is exponentially better than any answer to an interview question. However, off of a couple listens, that old Clipse magic powder is noticeable absent. Pusha still comes with the fire of old, but Pastor No Malice definitely sounds like a changed man. It’s not all necessarily a bad thing though, it’s just quite different. In that regard, I’m glad that the song isn’t being marketed as a product of The Clipse, because it sounds nothing like what we’ve come to know The Clipse. Maybe the group will never release another album, and that’s fine. As long we can at least hear Malice and Pusha T rhyming together here and there, there will be no objections from me. (Smoking Section)

No Malice’s upcoming solo effort’s jam-packed tracklisting surfaced last month.

Gearing up for next month’s release of Hear Ye Him, today No Malice reveals the artwork coinciding with his anticipated project as well as the appropriated tracklisting. Yes, his brother Pusha T will be featured on the work as well as some other Re-Up Gang members. 1. Illustions 2. Smoke & Mirrors ft. Ab-Liva 3. Blasphemy ft. Fam-Lay 4. Ain’t Beggin’ 5. Hear Ye Him 6. Unforgettable ft. Life Dutchee 7. Cheap Dolla 8. Bow Down No Mo’ 9. Refiner’s Fire 10. Shame The Devil ft. Pusha T 11. Bury That ft. Jon Bibbs 12. June ft. Eric David 13. Separate 14. Still Got Love ft. Ishod 15. Different ft. PK Oneday and Bri 16. Goin’ There 17. No Time ft. Jaeson Ma (Hypetrak)

Barring any further delays, fans will get their hands on the new LP in a few days.

Dropping off a brand new trailer today, No Malice has updated the release date for his upcoming solo project, Hear Ye Him. Originally scheduled to release on July 2, but due to sample clearing issues the album is now slated to hit shelves on August 18. The date happens to not only be the birthday of the Clipse emcee, but also the numerals for the biblical passage Romans 8:18, which he furthers in the minute-long clip. Mark your calendars now and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date as more information is revealed. (Hype Trak)

The Virginia-bred rapper previously talked to SOHH about his “June” single.

“As far as the creative process for this song, I was actually in the studio and I was working on some music and one of the engineers gave me this track. I listened to the Frank Sinatra sample on it and really summed up what I had been through. It summed up life, too. When you’re on your high horse and everything is great and you got all the friends in the world, things can take a turn. Try and find those same friends and can’t nobody loan you a dollar. That’s when you see the bad. Virginia’s for hustlers and we always get it back. You can see it in cats like Mike Vick, you know … the ups and downs and we always prevail. That track really spoke to me, and I always approach the music in a way I can relate to and share it with others in a way they can relate to it as well.” (SOHH Singled Out)

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Check out “Shame The Devil”: