[With a highly-anticipated “The End Of Malice” film premiere going down March 27th on REVOLT TV, The Clipse’s No Malice talks to SOHH about group member Pusha T and producer Pharrell Williams’ involvement.]

It’s definitely a beautiful thing anytime I get to work with my brother, Pusha T, and anytime I get to work alongside Pharrell. It’s always nostalgic.

We know where we come from being young kids growing up to where we are today. I think what’s so special about their perspectives on the movie is that they really had a chance to witness and to see everything.

To hear their take on it and to hear their points of views, them being a witness to me, I’m thankful because they saw the changes are real.

It’s an undeniable change. You can’t even make this kind of thing up. I think that the listeners and fans will enjoy what they have to say about what they witnessed about me.

It’s crazy.

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