[With Pusha T’s My Name Is My Name solo album finally on store shelves this week, The Clipse’s No Malice tells SOHH readers what he’s doing these days aside from rooting for his brother’s success.]

What’s important to me is that I don’t come off as preachy or that I don’t come off in such a way that I’m telling someone how to live when I go to schools and colleges to give presentations. I go and tell them my life story and let people see what I’ve gone through. What’s important to me is that I share my story and I think that’s the best testimony. It’s sharing my personal story.

I don’t think I have all of the answers but I want to let people know this is where I’m at, this is what happened to my manager, this is what happened to our entourage, this is what happened to our friends. You gotta know the whole entire story.

If you like my story, I want you to hear it. If you don’t like it, then you can tune me out. It’s all good. But I just want to make sure that I don’t come off as a finger-pointer or shaking my finger at anyone.

I understand hip-hop and a lot of the music that’s out now because I’ve done that. I’ve done that. Everything negative going on [in hip-hop], I’ve been a part of that as well. So I can’t forget that at all. It comes a time, as in life, where you should always be growing.

Everyone makes mistakes and if you learn from those mistakes, that’s the best thing that can happen.

Me and my brother’s clothing line, Play Cloths, is still going and it’s still being manufactured and it’s hot. Play Cloths is doing really well for us and every season, we got new stuff coming out. Play Cloths has definitely been a blessing and everyone’s been rocking it.

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