Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West has reportedly bowed out from appearing in an upcoming Spike Lee flick called Chiraq based on his native Chicago, Illinois hometown.

According to reports, Mr. West will not star in the flick but could play a role in its soundtrack.

But while the cast is big, one major name won’t appear. Despite rumors stating otherwise, Chicago native Kanye West will not appear in the film. The rapper’s rep tells EW in a statement: “Contrary to published reports, Kanye West will not be starring in Chiraq. However, there are discussions for West’s possible involvement in the film’s soundtrack, schedule permitting.” (Entertainment Weekly)

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The renowned director’s upcoming flick will center on Chicago’s violent side.

Spike Lee’s controversial and upcoming film “Chiraq” is an ambitious undertaking: a musical comedy and a play on the classic Greek tale “Lysistrata.” It’s controversy stems from the movie’s title; the slang nickname given to the city of Chicago because of its violent history and crime rates as one of America’s most dangerous cities. The story focuses on a woman who strives to end gang warfare in the city. (Indie Wire)

Hollywood actor John Cusack has come forward to defend the movie this week.

Actor John Cusack, originally from the Chicago area, is in the film and said the so-called controversy is “manufactured.” “Art must be courageous, and anybody who wants a more peaceful America will understand where the heart of this film is. … I love my city of Chicago — all of Chicago — and I would never do anything to hurt it.” (Chicago Sun-Times)

Last weekend, Kanye showed off his rhyming skills by performing his “All Day” hit in Chicago during an NBA playoff game.