NLE Choppa Gets Memphis Kids To Read 26 Million Words!

Written By Daniel "Jerk" Jerkins

Reading is Fundamental

Over the last three years, rapper NLE Choppa has led his annual “Needs Learning Everyday”(NLE) challenge at Cornerstone Prep Denver in Memphis. 

NLE Choppa
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Elementary school students from the second grade to the fifth smashed the rapper’s reading challenge this year. They clocked in over 26 million words.

Choppa Pushes The NLE Challenge

NLE Choppa visited a Memphis elementary school on Friday (April 29th) to promote reading to students. He kicked off his Needs Learning Everyday (NLE) challenge at Cornerstone Prep Denver, a public school primarily for families in the Frayser area.

One hundred elementary students will be recognized this upcoming Friday for successfully completing the challenge. School principal Michelle Lyons said the total count for the school year was 26 million words. 

In a live video, the Memphis rapper is seen high-fiving students in the school cafeteria and giving out hugs to the school staff.

Parents of the students excitedly commented on the video. A parent, Sherita Peterson, shared how appreciative she is of how NLE has encouraged the children to read.  She posted, “Love it! ❤️ What a beautiful thing and a blessing 🙌💕💕💕 

NLE Choppa took to Twitter excitedly to announce how great he felt about being involved with the reading challenge. He tweeted, “I just want to thank the kids at Cornerstone Prep In Frazier. I challenged each kid in the school to read over 100K words and y’all CRUSHED that. As a collective the school read 26,000,000 words this is beautiful I’m extremely proud I can use my influence to encourage this 💜”.

NLE Choppa’s Spiritual Journey

It is great to see the Memphis hitmaker in such a positive space. Earlier this year, the rapper spoke about dealing with inner demons and suicidal thoughts. 

During NLE Choppa’s Breakfast Club interview, he opened about his spiritual journey and coping with being a celebrity. NLE told listeners that there was a point when he “felt empty” despite being in the spotlight as an artist. 

He said God came to him after he prayed every day for two years to be “a light” in the industry.

The Shotta Flow rapper also talked about how meditation helped him “feel like superman” and got his mind back in the right place mentally.

The 19-year-old rapper also disclosed that he had to remove many people from his circle because they weren’t helping him get out of a terrible state of mind. He said, “I would feel used.”

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Written by Daniel "Jerk" Jerkins

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