West Coast freshman rapper Nipsey Hussle has clarified his “F*ck Detox” remark on his new The Marathon single, “Mr. Untouchable”, and whether or not he has beef with Dr. Dre.

Despite the direct reference to Dre’s forthcoming solo LP, Nips promises he is not looking to spark conflict with the renowned producer.

“I mean, it ain’t a shot, ’cause it doesn’t [say] f*ck [Dr.] Dre. But, you know, ‘High ’til we die, so it’s muthaf*ck a Detox.’ … It ain’t nothin’ personal to Dre, it ain’t nothin’ personal against Detox, it’s just I’m on this All Money In sh*t… N*ggas take it how they take it. I’m out here in these streets. I’m in L.A. I don’t see none of them [people] in L.A. I’m a real one out here. I don’t know about none of them other niggas… Like I said, it ain’t no direct f*ck Dre [because if it was] then I woulda said f*ck Dre. It was just me speaking my mind at that moment.” (Hip Hop DX)

The rapper also mentioned that he does not have a close relationship with Dre.

“Basically I’m on some if I can’t get money wit’chu, it’s f*ck you. It ain’t nothin’ personal,” Hussle added. “I ain’t never really reached out to Dre, or Dre ain’t never really reached out to me, so it ain’t a shot against him, it’s just, my focus is on what I’m doing now. I’m basically in a mindset of like, either you with me or you against me type sh*t. So, the n*ggas that’s with me, they on the right side, anybody else [is] in the line of fire. And when I shoot I’ma knock heads off.” (Hip Hop DX)

His “Mr. Untouchable” record is featured on the recently released The Marathon mixtape.

Nipsey Hussle gives the streets what they’ve been waiting for with the release of his mixtape The Marathon. The 18-track freebie is the precursor to his debut studio album South Central State of Mind, due in 2011. The West Coast MC is hoping to get out of his deal with Epic Records so he can release the album independently. (Rap-Up)

On a lighter note, Hussle recently discussed his admiration for teenage pop star Justin Bieber.

Nipsey, who is signed to the same label as the Canadian teen, said he first met Bieber at the Epic offices and was blown away by him. The two quickly became friends and Hussle says he has a spot set aside for JB on his upcoming debut, South Central State of Mind. “Justin Bieber, that’s my n*gga; If we get in the studio we liable to knock something out,” he shared. “People think he’s just like a one-dimensional pop artist, that’s not the case with him. He really a talent. [When I met him] he was beating on his guitar rappin’ Tupac [and] playing the chorus to ‘Thugz Mansion.’ It might look like it would be strange or weird but he’s such a musician, I’m pretty sure we’d find a common ground.” (XXL Mag)

Check out Nipsey Hussle’s “Mr. Untouchable” below: