West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle and news reporter Henry Wofford aren’t with the smoke anymore. The duo have called off plans to possibly face-off against one another.

Heading into the weekend, both Nipsey and Henry went to social media to reveal a behind the scenes conversation helped smooth things over.

This week, Wofford and Hussle sparked headlines after throwing jabs at one another with a potential fight going down.

This week, Nipsey lit up Wofford for ridiculing music mogul Diddy for wanting to buy the North Carolina Panthers.

“They gon’ get it. Yeah, they gonna get that. First NFL black team owners. Puff. Kaepernick. Hussle might donate a couple dollars to it – bet on that. F*ck the n*gga on the news that was woofin’ that sh*t. We gonna catch you and beat your a** and we got some homegirls for that b*tch, too.” (TMZ Sports)

Earlier in the week, Henry Wofford issued a public apology to Diddy for going in on him.

KRON4 reporter offers public apology

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