West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle‘s Monday night memorial ended in violence. New reports claim multiple people suffered serious injuries at the California virgil.

According to reports, nearly 10 people fell victim to a stampede and stabbings.

Hundreds of fans gathered outside the Grammy-nominated rapper’s South Los Angeles apparel store, The Marathon Clothing, a day after Hussle was gunned down in the same location. But as night fell, violence broke out and people were trampled as they fled. One person was stabbed and another six people sustained injuries from unknown causes, Los Angeles Police Department public information officer Tony Im told USA TODAY. The number of injured may rise as reports come in, he added. (USA Today)

Additional reports claim close to 20 people needed medical treatment.

Some witnesses told CBS L.A. a fight broke out between two groups. It was unclear if that was what caused the stampede. The Los Angeles Fire Department said 19 people were taken to hospitals, at least two in critical condition. One was hit by a vehicle, the other a deep puncture wound. Most of those hurt had what the department called “trample injuries” that were “sustained when the crowd rushed out.” (CBS News)

Some reports claim there’s confusion on whether people suffered stabbings or suffered wounds from broken glass.

Hundreds of novena candles left in memory of Hussle — who was shot and killed in broad daylight outside one of his stores in South L.A. in a burst of gunfire that left two other people wounded — were crushed as people fled the area. The shards injured several people, and many were limping as they tried to find their way around police barricades. It remains unclear whether anyone was actually stabbed, or if they were wounded from broken glass. (Los Angeles Times)

Disturbing footage and pics from the chaos almost immediately surfaced online.