While Midwest rapper Danny Brown revealed his disinterest in Mac Miller this week, West Coast’s Nipsey Hussle has admitted that he is a fan of the indie emcee’s grind.

Reflecting on how they hooked up for some recent studio time, Nipsey credited Miller’s indie hustle for inspiring him.

“You know Mac Miller he a cool cat and I had been conscious of what he was doing from a distance. But I was walking through the mall or something or the airport one day and I see a Billboard [magazine] […] I see who’s on the cover of the Billboard and it was Mac Miller, and me knowing him as being independent and not having a huge radio presence, that was big to me […] when I saw that I twipic’d it and I put it on Twitter,” Nipsey explained. “I just gave him his props on that and was just like ‘That’s big.’ You know, it’s a sign of the times that we living in and you know he hollered back. … It was you know just kicking it and played some music and all that and was just talking about the industry and I was just telling him how I really respect what he’s doing and it’s motivation for an artist like myself that’s doing it independent right now to see somebody even before he put out a No. 1 album he was… so I just wanted to give him his props on that… so he’s cool and we hit it off and knocked a couple records out.” (BET)

This week, Danny Brown revealed his disliking in Miller’s music.

“I listened to [Childish Gambino‘s Camp album]. Hey, it’s better than Mac Miller’s. That’s my response. It’s better than Mac Miller’s. He’s the worst guy around. Don’t get me started. His album cover is like, ‘Ugh, what is this?’ He’s trying to be artistic, huh? … If I see him, I’m just going to have to apologize to him, like, ‘Man, I just want to apologize for hating you so much. Because I’m not going to stop. You’re probably a cool guy. I don’t feel violent in any way, but I really hate you. I hate your music, man.’ It’s just bad.” (Rolling Stone)

Over the summer, renowned real estate celebrity Donald Trump compared Miller to Grammy-winning rapper Eminem.

“A lot of people are calling me about the Mac Miller rap song,” Trump said in a video. “Now, it’s named ‘Donald Trump.’ Maybe you should pay me a lot of money, but it just did over 20 million people, tuning into Mac Miller. So in one way, I’m proud of him. I haven’t actually seen the , it’s a little hard to understand on the song itself. Probably, it’s not the cleanest language you’ve ever heard, but this kid is the new Eminem. Everybody says he’s fantastic. Let’s see what it is. But the ‘Donald Trump’ song just hit over 20 million, that’s not so bad. I’m very proud of him.” (From The Desk of Trump)

Miller’s long-awaited debut studio album topped the sales chart last month.

Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller’s Blue Slide Park debuted this week at No. 1. According to Nielsen SoundScan, the rap newcomer’s LP has sold 144,500 copies after seven days in stores. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out some recent Nipsey Hussle footage below: