West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle is putting love first. The hip-hop star has reunited with his ex-girlfriend and baby mother Lauren London following last night’s dicey BET Awards parking lot incident.

Lauren went to Instagram Monday (June 25) to share a couple shots of herself looking coupled up alongside Nipsey.

Ratchet Love Story.

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Westside Lady

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Yesterday, Nipsey made headlines after confronting a man outside of the BET Awards show over a parking dispute.

Check it out, the L.A. rapper’s in the street outside the venue for Sunday night’s ‘BET Awards’ when he gets into with another guy. We’re told the issue was whether or not Nipsey could move some cones and drive through a restricted area. Tempers flare, and after the guy smacks a traffic cone out of the hand of Nipsey’s bodyguard … Hussle unloads a hard right slap. A law officer immediately grabs Nipsey to keep the fight from escalating … and then he gets back in his car. We’re told the reason for the tussle was Nipsey was late for a rehearsal and thought he could drive past the cones … but security tried to stop him. It’s unclear if any reports or arrests have been made. (TMZ)

Shortly afterward, Nipsey posted up footage of his pre-show outside performance.