On March 30th, Los Angeles legend Nipsey Hussle was tragically gunned down. The Grammy-nominated rapper was shot six times outside of his Marathon Clothing store in the southern part of the city. Two other people were shot as well, but thankfully both have survived.

Dozens of famous figures (ranging from Rihanna to LeBron James) have paid tribute to Nipsey, and his death has genuinely shook people across the world. With that being said, here’s 5 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Nipsey Hussle.

1. He had plans for April 1st.

Discovering news of this kind makes it that much more sad, knowing how big of a heart Nipsey had. The West Coast hip-hop mogul had planned on meeting with the Los Angeles Police Department on April 1st, with the intent of discussing ways of how to stop gang violence. Although bittersweet, the meeting still will still be carried out between a representative from Roc Nation, commissioner Steve Soboroff and Chief Michel Moore.


2. He was creating a documentary.

In 2018, during a Breakfast Club interview, Nipsey announced that he would be directing a documentary film on famous herbalist Dr. Sebi. Clearly unfinished, Nick Cannon has hinted at the fact that he would be completing the film through a series of Instagram posts. He left it at he’d be “picking up the baton” for Hussle’s “unfinished king business”.


3. Nipsey’s family lives on.


At the time of his death, the musician whose real name is Ermias Asghedom was in a long-term relationship with actress Lauren London. The pair had one child together, a son named Kross who is two years old currently. Nipsey had a daughter named Emani prior to the relationship, so there’s hope that his name and legacy will carry on through his family.


4. Nipsey was an actor, too.


Nipsey, who has been in the spotlight for over a decade now since releasing his first mixtapes, has also been in several film productions. His first included a support role as Little Ricky in the movie I Tried, followed by a main role as Ricky in Caged Animal. Most recently (however this was in 2015), he played himself in the pilot episode of The CW’s Crazy Ex Girlfriend television series. Also a businessman, philanthropist and social leader, Nipsey was well-versed in so many different fields – talk about special!


5. JAY-Z was one of his first big supporters.

Nipsey grew up selling mixtapes out of a trunk, and was set on making a name for himself when Hov decided to purchase 100 copies of his renowned Crenshaw mixtape. Back in 2013, this pocketed Nipsey $10,000 at $100 a piece from Roc Nation. Turns out the label didn’t need to sign him, because he had already created his own – All Money In, which is still active to this day and will carry on.