[Brazilian-born, Orlando, Florida-bred rapper Niko Is is back at it with the conclusion to his chillogy Songs.4.People. series courtesy of his new Songs.4.People.Who.Break.Bread album. Check out the album below and peep what Niko Is has to tell SOHH readers about piecing this final audio masterpiece.]

This is an idea we started because we make a lot of music. I’ve been working with Thanks Joey since I was 14. He pretty much produces all my music.

So we decided since we make so much stuff, we should have themed releases. Things should flow together. We came up with this idea, Songs.4.People, and then it became one. I figured it might as well be a trilogy and I figured from now on, I just want to release trilogies so albums in threes.

We dropped Good Blood and that was like our first big EP. Then we got Good Air. That one is with Michael Winslow from Police Academy. So we’ve been doing these things in threes. Death comes in threes. I want to bring life in threes.


So the first one was Songs.4.People.Who.Break.Promises. That was all recorded in D.C. and then the second one was Songs.4.People.Who.Break.Hearts and we did that in Paris. Both of those didn’t really have any guests.

We had a French rapper on the second record and it was all produced by Joey and we had Trvlr. I don’t really like working with people if I’m not with them. I’m not a big guy who says, “We need features. We need names,” because nobody gives a f*ck about you unless they give a f*ck about you.

So why am I going to go out of my way to get somebody on the record just because of their name? It’s not really the game I’m in. If it makes sense, it makes sense.

With this album, I wanted to do the opposite. I wanted to give back to the people and kind of say, “You know what? I’m going to do this record with the whole family.” I’ve got a bunch of people on there and almost all of it was recorded with people, Colours of the Culture and I got Chino XL on there.