R&B singer Ray J has come forward to speak out on what really took place on the night pal Chris Brown allegedly used a gun to threaten a woman.

According to Ray, he did not see anything malicious go down at Chris’ crib despite victim Baylee Curran‘s allegations.

“Chris is my homie and I just can’t let people just have this full pile of negativity going on with his name. We were creating, we were getting tattoos. We was talking about my new project. We were talking about so many different positive things in a tech community that we can do together — for the community. So, it just hurts my feelings when that gets derailed with stuff like that.” (WHAS 11 ABC)

Ray also questioned the authenticity of Curran’s comments.

As for whether Curran’s statements are truthful, Ray J responds, “Listen, I can’t say what’s truthful or not, because I have never seen that happen, and I was right there. So, I don’t want to comment. The thing about it is, she can’t be telling the truth when I’m telling you that certain things are wrong. Like, find the facts out first. You know what I’m saying? And that’s all I’m saying.” (WHAS 11 ABC)

Chris Breezy went to Instagram Wednesday (August 31) to react to Ray J publicly standing up for him.

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According to reports, Chris Breezy posted $250,000 bail to get out of jail shortly after his Tuesday (August 30) arrest.

He was released from jail late Tuesday night after posting $250,000 bail, according to Los Angeles County jail records. The arrest, which occurred outside the view of several news helicopters that swirled overhead and throngs of camera crews gathered at the bottom of Brown’s hilltop estate, marked the conclusion of nearly 14-hour-long stand-off and investigation by police. (Fox News)