Nicki Minaj’s Religious Grammy Set Too Hot To Handle, “She’s Chosen To Follow The Same Blasphemous Path As Her Mentor” [Video]

Written By S. Samuel

Young Money star Nicki Minaj became a target for religious fundamentalists after last night's eye-catching Grammy Awards ceremony performance when she decided to don Catholism-inspired attire during her performance of her single, "Roman Holiday". 

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Philadelphia pastor and Deadest Rapper Alive author Jomo K. Johnson hit SOHH with his take on the controversial performance.

“Nick Minaj [has channeled] alter ego spirit – [and mocked] the church of Jesus Christ,” Jomo wrote in a statement to SOHH. “The popular rapper has chosen to follow the same blasphemous path as her mentor with [a] disturbing Grammy performance. There exists a certain danger when rap artists begin to cross the invisible line of spiritual blasphemy against the Lord Jesus Christ and the Church. … I fear to be in Nicki Minaj’s or [alter ego] Roman’s shoes for that matter. Seeing the past happenings for artists who have crossed that line, repentance is the only sure way to escape a similar fate. In [my Deadest Rapper Alive] book, I sadly predicted that three major artists, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Lil B, would lose their lives in 2012 because of this very reason. It was my sincere hope that these artists would turn away from this type of irreligious blasphemy and obtain God’s mercy. But with the looks of Lil’ Wayne’s latest video ‘Mirror’ – in which he portrays Christ, Jay Z’s Watch the Throne, and Minaj’s performance, it does not appear as if that will be happening anytime soon.” (SOHH)

Last night, Nicki “portrayed her “Roman Zolanski” character for the performance.

Nicki Minaj’s Grammy performance Sunday night (February 12) was spirited, to say the least. Beginning her set with the “Exorcism of Roman” mini-movie, Minaj unleashed her alter ego onstage in a horror-themed backdrop and debuted her “Roman Holiday” single. It was the most elaborate of the night’s Grammy performances and has everyone talking. Nicki’s fanatic following on Twitter was in full support of Minaj’s display. “@NICKIMINAJ that is a monumental M4L for you and us. I’m in love with your performance,” @SlickerGuy tweeted. Others weren’t as turned on by the Harajuku Barbie’s set. “Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, I’m all about expression, but it has gone overboard. Love Adele cause her focus is on music, not controversy,” @thekatiestevens wrote. “I liked Nicki Minaj’s performance. Too many people be sipping on that hater aid! Hahaha,” @_lookslikeali wrote, responding to all the negative comments. (MTV)

Following her set, speculation on what angry Catholic responses would be the end result developed.

Those who tuned in for Nicki Minaj’s Grammy performance experienced a wave of emotion: First they were confused, then amused and then just plain angry. There was fire and a man dressed like the pope. Minaj levitated. Then, an exorcism. Viewers stared at their TVs, slack-jawed and unsure of what exactly they were watching. The religious response to Minaj’s performance will surely be furious — the Catholic League is likely firing up its angriest press release yet — but fans’ reactions were fast and frank. They had no idea what sort of spectacle they had just witnessed, but few of them liked it. (Washington Post)

Recently, Pastor Jomo K. Johnson spoke to SOHH about rap stars like Lil Wayne and Jay-Z citing themselves as god-like figures.

“We’ve seen something in the last 10 to 15 years in hip-hop that’s gotten worse,” Jomo added. “That’s blasphemy against the true and living God where men are openly speaking against God. They’re speaking against Jesus Chris. They’re claiming themselves to be God. Lil Wayne’s said on his albums ‘I’m God, this is the New Testament.’ Jay-Z is constantly referring to himself as Hova which is the most holy name of God. Tyler, the Creator and Lil B [a.k.a. Based God] have gone to another level of blasphemy. With the rise of artists kind of recognizing they need God in their lives, we’re also seeing the other tip of the scale with artists doing blasphemy on the living God and also Jesus Christ.” (SOHH)

Check out Nicki Minaj’s performance below:

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Written by S. Samuel

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