New York rapper Nicki Minaj‘s true motivation for letting loose on social media these past seven days might have a lot to do with someone not named Travis Scott. Fresh reports claim Onika is low-key tense about her overall Queen sales performance.

According to reports, Nicki’s sales in comparison to fellow rap star Cardi B might have something to do with her recent actions.

Ticket sales combined with disappointing sales figures for “Queen” (which she blamed on Kylie Jenner promoting Travis Scott‘s “Astroworld”) reportedly miffed Minaj. An industry source said, “Nicki has gone off the rails. She can’t take it that she sold less records than Cardi B (who’s stealing her thunder big time) in her first week; she can’t take it that Travis beat her to No. 1. Her ticket sales for her tour were in the toilet, and it’s making her even more crazy.” (Page Six)

This week, footage surfaced of Cardi possibly taking shots at Nicki during a post-MTV Video Music Awards show.

With baby daddy Offset hugging on her, Cardi B busted out some new lyrics … ‘I know how to do it / Get a bag, don’t I / I know how to get a b**** mad’ … pretty clear she’s referencing Nicki. In another new track, Cardi B raps … ‘I’m the queen of talking sh*t / yeah I’m backing it up / yeah, back, back, backing it up’ … that’s another clear swipe at Nicki and her new album, ‘Queen.’ (TMZ)

Some media outlets think Cardi went at Nicki during her MTV VMAs opening speech.

Cardi pretty clearly shaded Nicki Minaj when she called herself “empress” during her speech. Nicki not only thinks of herself as the queen … as we showed you, she actually thinks she’s Harriet Tubman, something that has outraged non-fans and, frankly, even some of her diehard fans. Between Travis Scott, Kylie and now Cardi, Nicki had no place to safely turn in the venue. (TMZ)

Coincidentally, Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame has urged Nicki and Cardi to consider doing a new collaboration together.

For hiphop!!! Redo ladies night song…..

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