Young Money‘s Nicki Minaj isn’t the only one in her family tree putting in studio time as reports claim her mother is also making waves in the music industry.

According to reports, there is a snippet of Nicki’s mom crooning on an auto-tune track floating online.

Diametrically opposite to her daughter’s occupation in music, Carol Maraj is an aspiring gospel singer with a new single on the way. Get a sneak preview today of Nicki’s mom’s new gospel song “God’s Been Good,” via a 30-second snippet. The track sounds poppy and is auto-tune assisted, not very traditional to the gospel category. (XXL Mag)

Going with the gospel theme, Maraj does not hold back on dishing out her faith.

“With a strange look on his face the doctor studied me, looking at the X-rays I could see he wasn’t sure,” whispers the lyrically gifted diva before declaring “God’s been good, he’s always been good to me” over synths that could well have been recycled from “Starships”. Can I get an amen? (Idolator)

Maraj has also promoted the new song via Twitter this week.

“Thank you, @CapitalOfficial, for the love & support!! #GodsBeenGood,” Maraj tweeted March 4.

“Please follow @FameStarRecords for updates on Carol Maraj’s music among other future artists!” (Carol Maraj’s Twitter)

A couple years ago, Nicki’s mother spoke on how much motivation her children gave her through tough times.

SHE DIDN’T have an exit strategy; nowhere to hide, nowhere to run, no place to go. But not one day did she sit with her head buried in her hands or in a posture of suffering. “My strength came from my children, my hope, and my reason for living. I couldn’t give up. They kept me going. I decided enough was enough. I’m leaving and I’m not going back. I had to take care of me and live for me. But it took a long time before I reached to that place,” says Carol Maraj mother of super famous Trinidad-born American rap and hip hop sensation Nicki Minaj formerly known as Onika Maraj. “If I had given up, they would have had no one. They had no one else but me. My children gave me my strength.” (Trinidad Express)

Check out the snippet: