New York rappers Nicki Minaj and Tekashi 6ix9ine are putting the entire Big Apple on their backs. The duo’s new “FeFe” video has nearly 100 million views less than a week since it premiered online.

On Sunday, Tek hopped on Instagram to toot his horn and throw some respect on their names over the “FeFe” success.

Last week, Tek took a minute to acknowledge how mainstream he’s become over the past few months.

“Yo I’m really the hottest artist in the f*cking America right now. Three days. 36 million views. Number one. Apple. Number one. Everywhere. Everywhere we number one. It’s f*cking Treyway. At this time I’m so happy. Shout-out to Nicki. Shout-out to Murda. I’m so happy I did this, this time, because I gave ’em so much time – ‘Gummo,’ by myself. ‘Kooda,’ by myself. ‘Billy,’ by myself. ‘Gotti,’ by myself. Straight Billboard hits by myself. ‘Tati,’ by myself. Now when I do a feature nobody can say, ‘Yo, it’s because of this person, because of that person,’ n*gga you seen me do it by myself for months.”

Rap stars Nicki Minaj and Future have pinned Tek to join their upcoming nationwide fall tour.

Recently, Tek celebrated his and Nicki’s “FeFe” single taking over the Apple Music chart.