Young Money‘s Nicki Minaj and ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels look like they still have a lot to get off their chest. The former couple have social media buzzing after appearing to take shots at one another.

Nicki seemed to strike first by liking some anti-Safaree Twitter posts on her page.

Safaree seemingly struck back at Nicki with a subliminal message aimed directly at her.

Recently, Safaree allegedly felt the wrath of Nicki’s ex-boyfriend Meek Mill.

We’re told Meek’s crew delivered the message days before the BET Awards weekend kicked off in L.A. The message was simple — stay yo ass away or else. Our Safaree sources tell us he didn’t flinch when he heard the threat and wasn’t gonna be a punk and hide out. We’re told the beef at this point is way beyond Nicki … it’s gotten personal following the exchange of verbal jabs for more than a year. Meek has denied he was involved in the latest showdown. (TMZ)

Last month, hip-hop personality DJ Self cleared up rumors about his involvement in the fight.

“I don’t really like to do things like this because I feel like this is corny. But to protect my name and my brand, I feel like I have to address this. Alright, now there was an issue that happened yesterday and both parties are friends of mine. I rock with both of them and I do not like to get in-between people’s beef. If I do, I like to squash it as opposed to provoke it. Now it was no way, no how I could ever line somebody up or set somebody up. So it was impossible for me to do that because I didn’t know either party was going to be there when I got there – if you watch the video, I was trying to mediate the situation. Hopefully these two brothers can get together and work it out. If they can’t, at least coexist with each other. I just want the people to know I would never ever do anything.”