Young Money’s Nicki Minaj recently reflected on her music career and dished on how she sees her future unfolding from becoming a music mogul to making a run as an actress. #TheFutureLooksBright

If things go her way, Nicki said she sees herself doing much more than empowering herself.

“I want to be a mogul; I want to have multiple businesses where I can employ hungry people, people who are eager to learn. I want to have foundations where I can put people through college; I want my Barbs to be smart, not to be crazy and foolish and not to depend on boys. I want to do something to inspire people all around the world. I’d like to be remembered as one of the great rappers and a mogul, an actress, a mother and a wife.” (I-D Vice)

Nicki recently discussed her upcoming solo album, The Pink Print.

“I think everybody knows how obsessed I am with Jay Z. He’s always been my favorite rapper — him and [Lil] Wayne,” Nicki said in an interview. “He did such a great job of creating this Blueprint brand for male rappers, I felt. And I studied a lot of his blueprint, just in terms of becoming a mogul. … I wanted to be like Jay Z. I felt like with what I’m doing, I want female rappers to be able to pattern themselves with what I’ve done one day,” she said. “And I think the album is soooo classic, it’s gonna feel so good and it will probably be one that female rappers will look to as a ‘pink print’ for years to come.” (Power 106)

A few weeks ago, Nicki said her LP would remind fans why they rode behind her since day one.


“It feels very uplifting and it feels very soulful,” she shared. “It’s a great, I feel, indicator of what The Pink Print will feel like in terms of the storyline of that song.” The album, due sometime this year, marks a return to her roots. “The Pink Print will remind people why they fell in love with Nicki Minaj,” she added. “And I think that needs to be done.” (Rap-Up)

Recently, the rap star talked about holding her own weight with notable male competition.

“I do not see myself as a female rapper anymore, I’m sorry,” she told MTV News on Monday. “I see myself as a rapper. … I’ve worked with the greats and I’ve held my own with the greats and they respect me – so I should respect myself enough to see myself the same way they see themselves.” (MTV)