Young Money‘s Nicki Minaj is only getting better with time. The hip-hop diva has hit up Instagram with a flashback to last year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Onika went to Instagram Sunday (August 27) with a shot of her curve game from the annual ceremony.

This week, buzz developed over Nicki Minaj possibly clapping at one-time music rival Taylor Swift on social media.

Social media had almost immediately exploded with thoughts on the potential new feud.

Nicki and Taylor’s beef goes back to 2015 when they clashed over the MTV Video Music Awards.

Nicki and Taylor have a history of feuding. It all started when Nicki tweeted about her disappointment with her mega hit “Anaconda” not being nominated for an MTV Award for Video of the Year. For some reason, Taylor – who was nominated for the category for “Bad Blood” – took Nicki’s complaints as a personal jab and accused the rapper of “pitting women against each other.” Swift’s reaction then prompted a follow-up from Nicki and a discussion about the lack of respect for women of color in the music industry. (BET)