Young Money’s Nicki Minaj has reportedly hired Atlanta producer Zaytoven’s services to contribute to her highly-anticipated solo album, The Pink Print. #PinkedOut

Although slim with the details, Gucci Mane‘s longtime go-to hitmaker promised Nicki’s new album would highlight her lyrical skills.

“Nicki and I, we worked a long time ago. I used to work real closely with Nicki. She used to come into the house and record. This album she getting back on her rap, lyrical content . The track that I did was actually produced by Metro Boomin and I. We just collaborating and it end up getting to Nicki and the people that’s working with her and it came out to be a banger. … Well you know what, its rumors that it’s a major big feature on it but I don’t want to spill the beans.” (XXL Mag)

Minaj’s new “Pills N Potions” music video premiered online late Monday (June 9) evening.

In the four-and-a-half-minute clip, directed by Diane Martel (“Blurred Lines,” “We Can’t Stop”), Nicki shows a more vulnerable side, smoking a cigarette while computer-animated tears roll down her eyes. She wears bunny ears in one scene and rocks pasties in another. After starring alongside Nas and Drake in previous music videos, she enlists The Game to play her love interest. They share intimate scenes including one where Nicki holds his detached head. (Rap-Up)

Nicki recently discussed her upcoming The Pink Print.

“I think everybody knows how obsessed I am with Jay Z. He’s always been my favorite rapper — him and [Lil] Wayne,” Nicki said in an interview. “He did such a great job of creating this Blueprint brand for male rappers, I felt. And I studied a lot of his blueprint, just in terms of becoming a mogul. … I wanted to be like Jay Z. I felt like with what I’m doing, I want female rappers to be able to pattern themselves with what I’ve done one day,” she said. “And I think the album is soooo classic, it’s gonna feel so good and it will probably be one that female rappers will look to as a ‘pink print’ for years to come.” (Power 106)

Recently, the rap star talked about holding her own weight with notable male competition.

“I do not see myself as a female rapper anymore, I’m sorry,” she told MTV News on Monday. “I see myself as a rapper. … I’ve worked with the greats and I’ve held my own with the greats and they respect me – so I should respect myself enough to see myself the same way they see themselves.” (MTV)