Young Money’s Nicki Minaj is fully riding behind Rihanna’s recent decision to switch her image up by donning a new pink wig, reminiscent of the rapper’s “Barbie” days. #HeadGameProper

Nicki took a screenshot of RiRi’s “Nicki’s wig closet” Twitter remark and reacted to the ode.

“YASSS b*tch yasssssssss!!!!!!!!!,” Nicki wrote on Instagram May 16. (Nicki Minaj’s Instagram)

RiRi unveiled her new image on Twitter late Thursday (May 15) night.

“Wiggin out!!,” RiRi tweeted May 15.


“We raided Nicki’s wig closet for the summer! Bad gals just wanna have fun!” (Rihanna’s Twitter)

Back in 2011, Nicki addressed big romantic rumors about possibly having a fling with RiRi.

“I don’t know where people got this really insane, hilarious, random rumor that she and I were living together,” Minaj explained in an interview. “We just shot the video for a song I have on the album I have called ‘Fly,’ and when I saw her, the first thing I said was, ‘So, did you hear we’re living together?’ and we just started cracking up laughing. She was like, ‘Yo, I can’t believe that people are, like, this ridiculous. So we Twit-Pic’d ourselves, and she put it on Twitter and said ‘Me and Nicki at our new pad’ or something. The funny thing is, people didn’t realize we were joking. People still were hitting me like, ‘Oh my God, you’re so lucky. You and Rihanna living together?’ It was like, ‘What?’ It’s like, you can’t even be sarcastic anymore. It was hilarious, though…No, we’re not getting cozy. I mean, we’re not getting cozy yet. I mean, there is a possibility ’cause she’s just like a bad b*tch. So you just never know!” (MTV)

Rihanna tweeted a steamy photo she took with Minaj days prior.

“ – Me and Nikki in our new crib, lol! Gettin busy on set of FLY!!! Its so hard to keep my hands off!,” Rihanna tweeted Saturday (January 8).

“#RihannaNavy #TeamMinaj #Rinaj @NICKIMINAJ b*tch don’t u hear me askin what my OWN name is??? Lol! My bad, I’ll make it up to u *wink*” (Rihanna’s Twitter)