New York rapper Nicki Minaj is finally getting some respek placed on her name from some of the Big Apple’s biggest personalities. Onika has hit up social media to share some serious co-signs from past rivals Funk Flex, Peter Rosenberg and Joe Budden.

Nicki hopped on Instagram Sunday (April 15) to share footage of her past three nemesis saluting her new “Chun-Li” anthem.

Wait hold on. Yo did hell freeze over? 🤭 wait 🤔🤣😂 I wasn’t in NY so idk if this rlly happened. This COULD be a fake video. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Were bombs dropped on #ChunLi? Did Flex say this record #HARD????? Did Joe say this record #HARD? Did Rosenberg say #QUEEN????? Man, all I’ll say is THANK YOU. Takes real niggaz to do this. I don’t mind criticism, but hating on smthn that’s clearly hard AF will only make you look less credible, miserable, & prove your issues are PERSONAL & unwarranted. So respect to everyone showin love. I haven’t asked anyone to promote my music. Haven’t buttered anyone up behind the scenes, haven’t booked their show, reached out, NOTHING! I simply dropped music & hoped that the REAL ones (even ppl who’ve said negative things in the past) would acknowledge & give credit when/where it’s due. I wrote #BarbieTingz AND #ChungLi verses & HOOKS on BOTH; but I’m most proud that as a young black female rapper, I signed a producer and CO-Produced #BarbieTingz WITH him. S/O @jreidtheproducer. I do a lot of co producing & post production but that overall picture isn’t usually painted of me as an artist; so Id be lying if I said this doesn’t feel great. Check out these 3 videos & click the link in my bio

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Back in February, Funk Flex publicly called Nicki Minaj and some other musicians “wack” rappers.

Last year, Joe Budden criticized Nicki for trying to make a rap comeback with Young Money’s help.

“All of the sudden there are a bunch of Young Money pics floating around with Wayne, Drake, Nicki, now all of the sudden everyone of the picture artwork is you [Nicki], Drake, and Wayne. Get that sh*t out of here, I hate that. Who was there for Wayne when he was having seizures and sh*t, I ain’t see a picture then. I don’t want to see it now that you may need that conglomerate to get back. I don’t want to see that now. I want to see you float on your f*cking own, Nicki. Best woman rapper in the world. I want to see her do it alone.” (Complex)

Back in 2012, Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg downplayed having any real issues toward Nicki.

“I didn’t like that [‘Starships’] song and I said it at the Summer Jam festival stage and then crazy ‘ish happened,” Peter added. “The only beef I ever truly had with Nicki was that she didn’t know how to have fun with the whole thing. She took herself too seriously with the whole thing … I’m over it man. No more tweets, no more telling me when you see me, ‘Yo Rosenberg, I hate Nicki Minaj, fam. Good job!’ I don’t hate Nicki. I didn’t do a job. I spoke my mind on one song and it became bigger than what it was supposed to be so guys, it’s over. In 2013, things are going to be different. Nicki’s going to go back to making that real rap, I’m going to drool over her when I see her again and, I’m going to go back to my roots; hating on the Black Eyed Peas.” (Hot 97)