Young Money’s Nicki Minaj isn’t down to let anyone drag her name. The hip-hop diva has appeared to fire back at radio veteran Charlamagne Tha God with some big subliminal shots.

Nicki went to Instagram Monday (August 20) promised to not hold back when her Apple Music Queen Radio airs tomorrow by handing out awards including a hater and queen of the week.

A few hours ago, Charlamagne ripped Nicki by labeling her “Donkey of the Day” for blaming multiple people for her album’s retail performance.

“I’m just here to tell Nicki, no Travis does not know he doesn’t have the number one album in the country, because we’re all looking at the same numbers you are. He has the number one album in the country, you have the number two album in the country. … Nothing you’re doing is Queen-like. Okay, let’s just say all these people [from Travis to Spotify] are to blame for you having the number two album in the country. Well, who’s to blame for you having the number two album in 2015? Nicki’s last album The Pinkprint debuted at number two.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Last night, Travis Scott‘s protégé Smokepurpp publicly went at Nicki for singling his boss out over having reality TV star girlfriend Kylie Jenner‘s support to promote his Astroworld album.

“Nicki Minaj, you bugging. You bugging by saying Travis Scott beat you because he’s selling clothes and stuff. It’s called marketing, my n*gga. You’re doing the most first week, don’t hate on the next man and you said the Billboard was wrong – blah, blah, blah. You probably got it delayed yourself and it’s no disrespect. I f*ck with you. I f*ck with your music. You go crazy but numbers do not lie. Numbers don’t lie. With that being said, Cactus Jack.”

Yesterday, Nicki unloaded a flood of tweets getting at Scott, Kylie and Spotify for making her miss a chart-topping debut.