New York rapper Nicki Minaj and Yo Gotti have fans from old to really, really, really (really) young. A new video has gone viral of kids putting their twist on the duo’s new “Rake It Up” single.

Gotti went to Instagram Friday (August 18) to show off a must-see “Rake It Up” remix music video.

They To Littttt 🔥 #RakeitUp #KidRemix Them A's Rake it Up💯 #CollegeBound I approve dis message!

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Last night, Nicki promised to deliver their official “Rake It Up” music video premiere within 48 hours.

Hours prior, Nicki Minaj broke tough news about “Rake It Up” getting delayed.

After the announcement shocked fans, Nicki lit up her Twitter feed with epic fan backlash.