Young Money‘s Nicki Minaj is really out here paying bills. A fan has confirmed the self-proclaimed Barbie recently took care of a student debt.

According to Nicki fan Pedro Velazquez, Nicki came through by responding to his Twitter request to get help on his financial aid.

“I sent her a tweet saying ‘Are you able to help me out with what I owe?,’ which was like $1,069. And I never thought she was going to see it, but I just tried. And then she did respond to me and I was shocked,” Velazquez, 27, told the Tribune. “She doesn’t know my situation, but if she was to know, I’m sure she would be really happy that she did that for me.” (Chicago Tribune)

Back in May, Nicki revealed how much of a dent she made in some college students’ bills.

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Days prior, details surfaced about Nicki paying college tuition and loans for some lucky students.

We checked in with some of the lucky beneficiaries who told us Nicki has already started to send the money. She asked for bank info through the DMs, and one person we spoke with said he already got $500 from Minaj. By the way, Nicki says she might open up the vault again in a month or 2 … so, get those report cards ready! (TMZ)

In early May, Nicki shocked Twitter followers after announcing she’d pay some college bills.

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