Young Money’s Nicki Minaj is keeping busy showing off her curve game in 2019 but all eyes are now on UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi over an insanely flawless weekend floor routine in California.

Footage has now gone viral of the 21-year-old putting on an epic Saturday performance to soul icon Tina Turner‘s “Proud Mary” and pop legend Michael Jackson‘s hits at an Anaheim Arena.

As she executed a quick body roll with a giant smile plastered across her face, it was clear that the 21-year-old UCLA gymnast was in her element, kicking off her high-energy floor routine with a massive tumbling pass that ended in a flawlessly stuck landing. In the course of about one minute and 30 seconds, Ohashi stunned the crowd, coaches, teammates and judges, earning a perfect score for an electrifying performance full of gravity-defying flips, killer dance moves and a healthy dose of sassy confidence that has since gone viral, with many heralding it as one of the best floor routines they have ever seen. (Washington Post)

The routine sparked a slew of major celebrity co-signs.

Last year, Katelyn credited Michael Jackson as one of her inspirations.