Young Money‘s Nicki Minaj needs some answers. The hip-hop superstar recently talked about the backlash she received over her steamy “Anaconda” cover art.

In a new interview, Minaj recalls the backlash she received from music veteran Sharon Osbourne in contrast to curvy personality Kim Kardashian‘s frequent nude pics.

At the time, Sharon said that the single cover “looks like a cheap porno cover of a DVD… I love women’s bodies. I love nudity, but this is cheap.” Now Nicki has said: “When Kim Kardashian’s naked picture came out [Sharon Osbourne] praised it and my fans attacked her for being such a hypocrite. So it wasn’t trashy and raunchy when a white woman did it but it was when a black woman did it? It’s quite pathetic and sad but that is my reality and I’ve gotten accustomed to just shutting it down.” (Digital Spy)

Earlier this year, Osbourne publicly co-signed Kim’s now-infamous nude bathroom pics.

@kimkardashian you inspired me! #liberated #thetalk

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A few months ago, vixen Amber Rose defended herself and Kim for putting out jaw-dropping pics on social media.

“It’s bullsh*t, and this is the thing: They come at me and Kim so hard because I was a stripper and she had a sex tape. So if we could sing, it would be OK if we were on stage half-naked. We all love Beyoncé, but she’s on stage half-naked and twerking all the time, yet people say, oh, she has talent so she’s able to do that. We don’t have the talent that Beyoncé has, so we get criticized as former sex workers, but at the end of the day we’re just women—we’re all women—and we should all embrace each other. No one is greater. We’re all the same. So, to criticize us as incapable of being smart businesswomen because Kim has a reality show and I’m a socialite and we don’t sing is stupid. We’ve both been in movies, and we take our acting, business ventures, and everything else very seriously.” (The Daily Beast)

Days prior, Rose reacted to Kim nearly breaking the Internet with nude pics.

“I thought she looked beautiful. I’m a mom. I know how hard it is to like work out and try to get your body back but at the same time, embracing the fact that your body does change after you have a baby,” Rose said. “After carrying a baby, I just think it’s really cool and I’ve seen that she’s been getting a lot of [flack] for it and I didn’t think it was fair.” (“Nightline”)

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