[With NFL training camp in full gear right now, San Diego Chargers’ Melvin Ingram talks to SOHH about his part-time hip-hop career and why he isn’t using a rap moniker.]

I’m going to leak some music from back in the day. My name is going to be Melvin. I’m not ever going to change that.

I don’t need an alias name. I’m going to remain me. I’m going to always be Melvin. I don’t need all that other stuff.

I never really molded myself after anybody. I never really looked up to anybody or was inspired by anybody. I just feel like your struggle and what you go through inspires what you rap.

I’m always listening to music. I’ll listen to Jay Z, Kanye [West], Meek [Mill], [Rick], Ross, I listen to all genres of music. I’ll listen to Cali music like YG and Kendrick [Lamar].

So it’s really nobody I try to mold myself after. I try to mold myself after Melvin.

That’s who I am and that’s who I’m always going to be.

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