[With the NFL season just a couple months away, San Diego Chargers’ Melvin Ingram talks to SOHH about his secret love for rapping and, more importantly, his upcoming “From Nothing To Something” mixtape.]

It’s going to drop pretty soon. I don’t know the exact date but it’s going to drop.

I make a lot of music with me and my homeboys but I feel like the world will gravitate toward my music. I always told myself I was going to do music.

It was just always me waiting for the perfect timing. I feel like now is the perfect timing. If you tell yourself you’re going to do something, you’re going to do it.

If you feel like you can do it, then can’t nobody stop you from doing it.

So I just want to see how the world gravitates to my music and see the feedback I can get.

It’s going to be 90 percent me and then you’ll probably hear a couple features on there.

I might put [my new song] “Pops” on there, I got a lot of songs. You’re going to get some heat.

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