[SOHH highlights a hot record every week and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the smash in Singled Out. After Spodee broke down his “Um Hmm” anthem, NFL star Melvin Gram decodes his “Pops” tribute.]

My pops meant everything to me. He died when I was nine, in front of me, so growing up, that’s who I wanted to be like.

When he died, I was like, “I ain’t got nobody to be like now.” So I’d rather honor his name everyday to the fullest.

I know it’s other people out there who are going through similar situations or who have been through worse situations and I felt like me putting “Pops” out and letting them hear my story is going to help them get through Father’s Day missing their pops.

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It’s just me letting people know how I feel about my pops.

I probably put this together a week or two before Father’s Day.

This song was really about going back into the memory bank. Every track you ever hear me put out or any song you hear me on, it’s always going to be one hundred percent me.

It’s always going to be something I’m going through. It’s never going to be me rapping about something I don’t have or I haven’t did.

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