NFL star Chris Johnson‘s former public relations team has hit up SOHH to defend its image in light of recent remarks and damaging accusations made toward them from the Tennessee Titans running back.

Speaking via an exclusive statement, publicist Jonathan Hay has spoken out.

“Chris Johnson recently released a public statement through TMZ against our company regarding our promotional piece called “Dreads on a Stick”. In response to the allegations made by Chris Johnson and his management team, we feel it is necessary to follow up with a public statement of our own,” Hay wrote in a statement. “Not at any time during this time period, did we act independently of Johnson or his business team who were always aware of all the info and everything associated with all of our campaigns, and were in agreement with us. We have always maintained the utmost integrity with Johnson and his team and we made sure they were aware of our every movement over the past 6 months. We have recorded evidence to back up all of our claims as every conversation we’ve ever had with Chris Johnson and his business partner, Kenny Turner, have been recorded as a cautionary measurement that we took to ensure the correct media representation at all times for Mr. Johnson and to make sure his quotes and interviews are always published with 100% accuracy.” (SOHH)

Hay also said his team is prepared to take legal action in light of the matter’s seriousness.

“At this point, due to serious physical threats of harm made to us by Chris Johnson and Kenny Turner (who was recently released from prison after being charged with two counts of attempted murder for which he accepted a plea for a lesser charge) and potential physical altercations, we are prepared to seek legal action against Chris Johnson and Kenny Turner.” (SOHH)

Over the weekend, reports of Johnson’s issues with Hay and a promotional campaign emerged online.

Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson ain’t just takin’ on the Bengals this weekend — he’s also going after two guys allegedly trying to profit off the NFL star’s dreadlocks without his permission. Johnson is furious … after learning about a product called, “Dreads on a Stick” — which were being marketed as fun wig-type thing fans can wear to support CJ. The guys behind the product launched a website to sell the “Dreads”– which featured Chris’ name and image. But CJ tells TMZ … he NEVER approved the product and doesn’t want his fans to be duped into thinking he had anything to do with it … so he’s unleashed his lawyers to make things right. (TMZ)

Prior to his issues with Hay, Johnson gave SOHH a statement through him about his Flashy Lifestyle Entertainment company.

“Flashy Lifestyle Entertainment is a hip-hop label that I started with Kenny Turner,” Johnson told publicists Jonathan Hay and Justin Melo for SOHH. “We have four different solo artists and one group on the label that all go hard. The solo artists go by the names of Pressure Dommer, Lil EZ, Ballie and Stakkhouse. The group goes by the name of The Elite Squad. They are all working on material right now and we’re about to release a label compilation mixtape very soon called Greenlight.” (SOHH)