[With his new “Rejected” mixtape in steady rotation, Eighties Nation’s Tee Stunna talks to SOHH about his partnership with former NFL star Asante Samuel’s record label, grinding for his family and performing at Atlanta’s A3C music festival next month.]

I’m really excited about A3C. I can’t wait for it. I look at it like any other show or any other thing, I’m going to go out there and perform my hits.

I’m really excited about being out there for Eighties Nation.

This is going to be my first time at A3C. I’m looking forward to promoting myself to everybody that comes out. That’s the most exciting thing about the situation and getting this money. I just wanna get this money, baby!

I see the comparisons but you don’t have to compare me to nobody. I just want to be me. My family has needs, I just want to go out there, make this money and support them. That’s it.

God gave me this gift, I’m going to use this gift.

[Eighties Nation head] Asante Samuel, he’s more like a brother from another mother. We’re both businessmen. He made Eighties Nation, I’m the first artist on there and we’re going to get it in.

I don’t have any pressure on me. I’m just inspired by the old cats that were born in the 80’s. I was born in the 90’s. It’s more of an inspirational thing.

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