Joyner Lucas‘ project, “Along Came Joyner” finally had its official release and the celebration in hometown Worcester, MA Sunday night shut the club down; standing room only. With that out of the way, and with a full body of work to represent his incredible talent now available, Joyner is ready to reap the rewards one usually attributes to one so gifted. Unfortunately, the search for those is ongoing and, in this latest visual from the first track off the album, “Mansion”, the rhymeslayer parodies an encounter with the mythical Illuminati as he toys with the idea of selling his soul for that which has proved most illusive up to this point. Perhaps next time Joyner should conjur up the ghost of Robert Johnson and get himself schooled on how it’s done. Until then, he will just have to lament poetic about his real life and keep on grinding. Stay tuned!

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