Less than 24 hours after reports of a weekend brawl going down between R&B singer August Alsina and a concert promoter sprouted, new information claim security may have played a key role in the incident.

New details of what may have resulted in the St. Louis, Missouri altercation going down on promoter Loose Cannon Slim turned up early Tuesday (January 20).

It was unclear in our first clip of the fight. Sources close to Slim tell TMZ by the time punches started flying … security guards for the venue had already detained Slim’s posse following an earlier dressing room scrap with Alsina — so it was never a fair fight. (TMZ)

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Although he has yet to speak on the fight, reports claim it stemmed from August Alsina being upset over his performance scheduling.

As for why the fight went down — we’re told double-A was offended he had to perform before the group Migos … because, in his mind, he’s way bigger than the “Versace” rappers. (TMZ)

Last year, Alsina talked about collapsing during a live performance and being hospitalized for seizures.

“I don’t live in the moment. I miss everything. So for that to happen to me, it was very, very humbling, but in the same breath, it was a sign of God saying, ‘You a king. Now go back and live as a king and do it the right way.'” (“The Breakfast Club”)


Alsina also discussed what he dreamed of during his coma.

“I knew I was cool. I knew that I’d be fine,” he said. “It’s shit like that that show me each and every day that there’s something so much bigger than us in this world.” (“The Breakfast Club”)